7.50-16 and 9.5L-15/16 Reliner

Get extra hours out of tires normally scrapped due to exposed inside cords, breaks, cuts or weather cracking. Here9;s how they work: About 1/4"" thick, reliners add 4-6 plies of tire cord material to inside of tire. Reliners cover side of tire to within 1 to 2 inches of bead, except for 6"" and 8"" diameters which only cover tread area. Pressure of the inner tube holds RELINER in place. Tire Reliner Installation Instructions... 1. Each reliner has two half-moon pieces (length may vary with size of tire) . 2. Simply squeeze reliner together and slide into tire. 3. Repeat process with second piece. Lap one end over and one end under for best fit. 4. Install tube. For best results encase good tube with old tube to reduce chafing by reliner. Do this by cutting valve stem off old tube and split tube around inside circumference. WARNING: Reliner for off road use only. Fits Tire Sizes: 7.50-16 and 9.5L-15/16

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7.50-16 and 9.5L-15/16 Reliner Review

This tires is one of the best product around 37.35 ..It's from trustworthy WEL-DONE PRODUCTS CO., so you don't have to worry about bad quality.

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