Cuisinart Cast Iron Fajita Pan Set

Pre-seasoned cast iron fajita skillet lets you prepare delicious fajitas right on your grill for that authentic grilled flavor. Non-stick skillet features innovative flavor slots designed to help remove excess grease and fat from your food while enhancing the natural grilled flavors created by the open flame. Preseasoned cast iron helps create a natural non-stick cooking surface to make grilling and cleaning easy. Superior heat dispersion cooks food evenly throughout and makes cast iron the idea cooking surface on the grill. Set includes skillet, serving tray and handle holder. Fajita skillet is 17 long. Prepare healthier, mouthwatering fajitas right on your grill with the Cuisinart set. Order yours from Brookstone today!

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Cuisinart Cast Iron Fajita Pan Set Review

These are the ONLY additional I've wanted this tear, and i found them here for the best price, after browsing the malls.

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