Giant Bikes Tool Shed Torqkey

Giantstarted in 1972 with one goal: Create a better cycling experience forpeoplearound the world. Giant has never lost sight of their goal. Thefounders ofGiant Bicycles were craftsmen and engineers, and they loved to ride.Working totheir strengths, they set out to improve cycling by following threeguidingprinciples: craftsmanship, innovation, and inspiration. Over the pastfourdecades, Giant has become one of the most well- known bicycle brands intheworld. Giant Bicycles has won world championships as well as numerousawardsonline and in- print cycling magazines. Giant Bicycles makes bicyclesforeveryone in the family, as well as for championship road and mountainbikers,and everyone in between. With today's lightweight components, torque wrenchuse is nolonger an option-it's a must for every mechanic. Behold the Tool ShedTorqkeyTorque Wrenches. This handy little key allows you to conveniently dialintorque measurements for high end components. Includes 3, 4, & 5mm interchangeable hex bits

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Giant Bikes Tool Shed Torqkey Review

This item is definitely worth your money,because it costs just 20.00.It is cheap and you get what you pay for.

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