HP ProBook 4720s laptop battery 14.4 Volt Systems Extended Run

Longer running 12 Cell HP ProBook 4720s battery This is a brand new Extended Run HP ProBook premium grade replacement battery for the HP 17" screen 4720s. The main drain on a computer battery is the size and brightness of the display screen. Because of the large screen that comes with the 4720s, many people like the larger capacity battery featured here because it provides an additional 1 1/2 hours of run time of the standard size battery. This larger capacity battery pack will protrude to the bottom of your laptop about 1 inch. If you are using a docking station, the larger battery pack on the bottom of the laptop will prevent you from connecting to the docking station. Choose the 6 cell version of this battery instead. The superior South Korean cells inside the battery cartridge will provide longer run times between charges as well as a longer service life than cheaper batteries. In addition, Li-ion batteries are not subject to the memory effect common with older battery technology. This means you can recharge your laptop any time without diminishing your battery capacity. This laptop battery replacement is typically superior to the original battery and is 100% compatible with your HP ProBook 4720s notebook computer. The battery is individually tested before shipment and backed by 30 day complete satisfaction guarantee and a 2 year warranty. This Battery is compatible only with 14.4 and 14.8 volt systems. Check your battery for your current voltage rating to avoid a return. Brand: Voltage: Battery Capacity: Battery Type: Cell Origin: Color: Warranty: Guarantee: Useful Life: HP replacement computer battery 14.4 Volts - compatible with 14.8V * NOT Compatible with 10.8/11.1V 6600 mAh; runs longer than 5200 or 4400 mAh batteries 12 Cell Li-ion Samsung (South Korea) Black 2 Year Warranty 30 day full satisfaction guarantee 300-500 recharge cycles This battery is ONLY compatible with 14.4 volt or 14.8 volt systems. Check your current battery to ensure you are ordering the correct battery. It should match the picture above. If your battery is rated at 11.1 Volts or 10.8 volts, your battery can be found here: HP-A811. This high capacity battery will provide about 3 hours to 5 hours of run time with this computer battery when new, depending on your energy use. The higher capacity battery cells inside this cartridge have an energy capacity of 6600 mAh. This battery will be compatible with batteries rated at 4400 or 4800 mAh and 5200 mAh capacities while providing up to 50% more run time. This battery replaces the HP ProBook 4720s Battery for your series laptop. Replaces these many HP laptop battery part numbers: 513129-121 513129-141 513129-161 513129-321 513129-351 513129-361 513129-421 513130-121 513130-132 513130-141 513130-161 513130-181 513130-321 513130-361 535753-001 535808-001 536418-001 572032-001 591998-141 591998-361 593576-001 HSTNN-DB88 HSTNN-DB89 HSTNN-I60C-5 HSTNN-I61C-5 HSTNN-I62C-7 HSTNN-IB88 HSTNN-IB89 HSTNN-LB88 HSTNN-LB89 HSTNN-OB1D HSTNN-OB88 HSTNN-OB89 HSTNN-1B1D HSTNN-DB90 HSTNN-I60C HSTNN-I61C HSTNN-I62C HSTNN-IB1C HSTNN-IB2C HSTNN-IBOC HSTNN-XB88 HSTNN-XB89 NBP6A158B2 NBP6A156 NBP6A156B1 NBP8A157 NBP8A157B1 NBP8A157D1 NZ375AA NZ375AA#ABA ZZ08 ZZ08063 ZZ08073 Laptop Battery Express only deals with brand new premium computer batteries. We never carry recycled or used batteries. We only use the highest quality cells inside the battery pack so you will have a long service life (300-500 recharge cycles) . We do not use cheaper battery cells which can wear out in a little as 6 months. Our inventory turns rapidly and you will always receive a freshly manufactured battery.

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HP ProBook 4720s laptop battery 14.4 Volt Systems Extended Run Review

The HP ProBook 4720s laptop battery 14.4 Volt Systems Extended Run is the by far the most amazing laptops laptops cancel i have seen so far. Hewlett Packard as it should make excelent product and this is one of them.

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