Rigid Seedling Protector Tubes

These economical Rigid Seedling Protector Tubes are an effective method for long-term protection of newly planted tree seedlings. This tube netting protects against deer, elk, rabbits, mountain beavers and other pests that could cause damage by preventing them from reaching the growing plants. Over the course of 2 to 4 years, UV light causes the tubes to naturally disintegrate. Support seedling protector tubes with biodegradable bamboo stakes , sold separately. USA made. Select size and package quantity from the drop-down menu above. NOTE: Use bamboo stakes that are at least one foot longer than the protector tubes to anchor securely. See all poly and garden mesh fencing

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Rigid Seedling Protector Tubes Review

When I saw this at Gemplers , I was very pleased. QUADEL INDUSTRIES, INC. Rigid Seedling Protector Tubes is wonderful! I will buy one more for my girlfriend.

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