Stan20s Arch Ex Predictive Steering Wheel

In life, as on the trail, uncertainty can keep us from doing great things. Overcome uncertainty with the Predictive Steering Hub, SRAM's state of the art Cross Country hub engineered for unrivaled stiffness and exactitude. The Predictive Steering Hub works seamlessly with the RockShox RS-1 inverted fork, using unique fork, axle, and compression technologies. The massive diameter Torque Tube axle creates an unbreakable bond, locking the lowers in place and maximizing torsional stiffness to keep the RS-1 fork from shifting. The broader hub flange spacing results in a stronger, more snappy wheel, while the new Maxle Ultimate further solidifies the connection with a tighter, stronger clamping force than you'd get from a typical quick release compression system. The hub flanges are angled towards the rim to allow the spokes to be fully in-line when tensioned, reducing spoke head breakage and superior overall resilience. The Predictive Steering Hub is proof that being burly doesn't always mean being sluggish, as the precision Speedball bearings reduce resistance, enabling faster revolutions and eliminating time spent on adjusting play. The Arch EX rim is lightweight, wide and tough enough to take the beatings of all mountain riding. It features a 21mm internal rim width that helps when running large diameter tires and uses Stan's Bead Socket Technology to ensure a reliable seal between the tire and rim, even at very low pressures commonly seen on tubeless setups. SRAM Predictive Steering Hub Features Dedicated hub interface for the inverted RS-1 fork - creates an unparalleled bond between fork and hub Torque Tube is an oversized, solid aluminum axle that locks the forks lowers together Non convertible Speedball bearings for smooth and durable rotation Rotor Compatibility: International Standard - 6 bolt Rim Material: 6061 Alloy Rim Depth: 16.9mm Rim Width External: 24.6mm Rim Width Internal: 21.0mm

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Stan20s Arch Ex Predictive Steering Wheel Review

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